Pod init-extensions fails with Error status

If init-extensions pod has Error status, and the only namespace available in the platform is admin (this can be checked via kubectl get namespaces), it is likely that the kaapana-platform-chart is not uninstalled correctly from the previous deployment.

Usually in the logs of the pod (can be checked via kubectl logs -n admin <init-extensions-pod-name>) a message as follows can be seen: Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: cannot re-use a name that is still in use. If that is the case:

  1. kaapana-platform-chart should be listed under uninstalling charts, check via helm ls -A --uninstalling

  2. If it is listed, delete via helm uninstall kaapana-platform-chart --no-hooks

  3. Then redeploy the platform with ./deploy_platform.sh --undeploy, make sure nothing remains under helm ls -A --uninstalling, and run ./deploy_platform.sh again.